This Week in the News

We begin with an eye-opening excerpt from an article about America’s worldwide wars; address the extremely volatile situation regarding Russia and Ukraine and show how the relationship between Germany and the USA is rapidly deteriorating over the issue of defensive weapons for Ukraine—notwithstanding nice, but misleading photo-ops and political “assurances.”

We report on the ridiculous reactions to Pope Francis’ correct statements pertaining to child rearing; his planned historic address to the US Congress; and appalling comments by Catholics on the crusades and the Inquisition in response to President Obama’s remarks at a National Prayer Breakfast meeting.

We continue with the ongoing hysteria regarding the measles “outbreak” and unconstitutional attempts by legislators to abolish personal and religious exemptions against vaccinations.

We conclude with recent revelations that scientists willfully “adjusted” official temperature records to support their allegations of man-made global warming; an article about the destruction of insects due to pesticides; and a report about the legal confusion in Alabama regarding same-sex marriages, due to a controversial refusal by the US Supreme Court to put on hold same-sex marriages in Alabama and a subsequent contradictory injunction by the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

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