This Week in the News

President Obama “revealed” his new budget proposal. It’s change, alright. But at what cost? Even an Obama-supporting newspaper like the USA Today cannot hide the fact that Mr. Obama’s new budget is a nightmare of added debts, higher taxes and incredibly small benefits for most Americans. For many, a $13.00 pay increase per salary check is proposed, but other news reports about contemplated rising energy, sales and income taxes… While the uninsured would receive health-care insurance benefits, some of the Medicare help (which is insufficiently bad enough) is supposed to be cut, according to some news reports. Also, it was reported that the permissible cap of charitable contributions for income tax purposes is supposed to be lowered. And employers would be called upon to provide even more mandatory benefits to their employees–which would undoubtedly force them to terminate MORE employees or cut their salaries.
In other news, Germany is being called upon–once again–to come to the financial rescue of other European nations, as it is recognized to be the MOST STABLE OF ALL European communities. But Germany is suffering too, and so it should come as no surprise that rightist extremists are dreaming of a return of the Hitler era and the establishment of the Fourth Reich.
While rocket attacks on Israel continue, coalition negotiations in Israel failed and it is therefore to be expected that a right-wing government will take over. What this may mean for peace in the Middle East can be seen, too, by the furor of Jewish leaders over the most recent pronouncements by Secretary of Sate Hillary Clinton.
An analysis on the recent collision of two strategic nuclear submarines reveals the Satanically-inspired destructiveness of the human mind. It points out that these “are high-tech weapons with an archaic mission: to exact revenge. And they are built for the day the world comes to an end…The submarines… are designed to retaliate with such force that there can be no winners in a nuclear war…” For instance, the Russian strategic nuclear submarine “Donskoy could simultaneously destroy dozens of cities like New York, or level half of Afghanistan.”
Finally, in a typical piece of pro-Evolution-anti-Christian propaganda by the left-liberal magazine Der Spiegel, Christians and others are attacked by illusionary scientists who claim that Darwin’s theory of evolution has been proven to be accurate. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. For more information, please read our free booklet, “The Theory of Evolution–a Fairy Tale for Adults.”

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