This Week in the News

In this Update, we report, among other things, on the many different shades and colors of lies and betrayal in our political and social life.

Both the truthfulness and veracity of Vice President Biden and the White House are questioned by the American press, due to allegedly fabricated statements and ridiculous “denials.” President Obama’s new policy of “betrayal of America’s allies and appeasement of America’s enemies” is carefully examined by the Jerusalem Post.

While thousands of Jews all over the world celebrated the blessing of the sun at sunrise–a Jewish practice condemned by God (compare Ezekiel 8:15-18)–a German Catholic bishop is accused of attempting to re-write Germany’s Nazi history, and a German newspaper published some humorous remarks about the real origin of the Easter rabbit. It also used interesting wording regarding the “God” of orthodox Christianity–calling Him “three gods.” And in fact, the teaching of the Trinity, claiming that God is ONE PERSON IN THREE PERSONS, is as confusing to people as the concept of an egg-laying rabbit before “hooking up” with the Tooth Fairy.

Of course, the Bible does not teach that God is a Trinity–nor, that the ancient pagan fertility festival of Easter should be celebrated in the first place. For more information, please read the Q&A in this issue, and study our free booklets, “Is God a Trinity?,” “God Is a Family,” and “Is that in the Bible?–Man’s Holidays and God’s Holy Days.”

In other news, New York is trying again to adopt a law legalizing same-sex marriages, while U.S. bank failures are ongoing with an alarming rate. The U.S. military is charged with unacceptable conduct towards animals, and Europe’s fascination with Mr. Obama is clearly diminishing. Europe has begun threatening Israel, while it is apparently willing, in concert with the USA, to give in to Iran. And due to the weakness of the USA and the U.N. Security Council, North Korea is playing hard ball, obviously convinced that it won’t be facing any serious consequences.

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