This Week in the News

The Latin American Summit came and went–with no positive results whatever, except for the fact that Latin American leaders used the platform to accuse and derail the USA in Mr. Obama’s presence, and that Hugo Chavez of Venezuela made an embarrassing mockery of the American President by presenting him a book accusing the USA and Europe of imperialism in Latin America.

On the other hand, the Obama Administration and other Western European countries showed some backbone in Switzerland, when they stood up to Iran’s “crazy leader,” President Ahmadinejad. The Western boycott of the U.N. conference brought back into focus Israel’s precarious situation of having to face a nuclear Iran. Israel made certain that they would not hesitate to attack Iran, with or without America, if that hostile country was to acquire or produce nuclear weapons. At the same time, North Korea rejected the condemnation of the U.N.’s Security Council and announced that nuclear war was coming, due to the conduct of the USA and South Korea.

Turning to domestic matters, while the GIVE Act and its adjunct legislative proposals, which are endorsed by Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain, as well as proposals to enact prohibition against “hate crimes,” are causing great concern in the USA, Mr. McCain’s top advisor told the Republican Party to reject the Bible and embrace instead same-sex marriages, in order to attract younger voters. The scandal surrounding Miss California’s answer to a question from a gay judge regarding her beliefs on marriage shows the political and social climate we are finding ourselves in. Mr. Obama’s release of CIA memos and the subsequent reaction of the press has caused the President to change his prior position, arguably having started a development which he won’t be able to control–and which might haunt his Presidency for years to come.

And while there is no end in sight for the ongoing global recession, the USA has been hit the hardest. President Obama’s measures don’t seem to work, and the American Dream has become a nightmare.

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