This Week in the News

Media coverage concentrated this week on the outbreak of an unprecedented disease, referred to as the “swine flu.” While medical experts have no explanation for its existence, nor do they know how to combat it, fear of a global pandemic is mounting. On Wednesday, April 29, the World Health Organization raised its pandemic alert to the second-highest level [Level 5], meaning it believes a global outbreak of the disease is imminent. No medications presently exist to contain or cure the disease. Some commentaries suggest that the outbreak is man-made and due to unsanitary conditions in “pig factory farms.” The repeated assurance that one cannot contract the disease by eating pork is very unsettling, as we are also told that one CAN contract the disease by touching and handling raw pork, or by eating it without thorough cooking. As a consequence, Egypt decided to slaughter all pigs in the country, and Jordan closed all its pig farms. In any event, God prohibits the consumption of pork, declaring it to be hazardous to our health (Leviticus 11:4-7).

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One consequence of the outbreak of the swine flu is the potentially devastating effect on America’s suffering economy–especially the travel and hotel industry. The outbreak could not have come at a worse time, while at least five major banks, including Bank of America and Citibank, have failed the “stress test,” and the Treasury Department announced that it would have to borrow another $870 billion, raising the federal deficit to $1.75 trillion. The national debt is presently at $11.1 trillion. In addition, Chrysler filed for bankruptcy.

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The discussion on climate change and global warning continued, and so did the attempts of Democrats to suppress the voice of those who disagree with their highly-profiled speaker, former Vice President Al Gore. However, not only Republicans, but also some Democrats objected to a proposed House bill which, according to some critics, would be tantamount to a “massive national energy tax on every American who drives a car, buys a product manufactured in the United States, or has the audacity to flip on a light switch.” However, Democrats got an unexpected–or perhaps not so unexpected–boost from the defection of Republican Senator Arlen Specter, potentially changing the U.S. political landscape for years to come.

Focusing on Mr. Obama’s first 100 days in office, more and more Americans worry about the speed with which he proceeds, calling him “overambitious.” Reaction in Europe is mixed. At the same time, the “perfect storm of idiocy” has not helped the reputation of the Obama Administration, involving a jumbo jet and an F-16 fighter jet buzzing lower Manhattan without warning and frightening thousands of New Yorkers.

Finally, grim memories of the Great Depression of 1929 and its terrible political consequences are surfacing, and questions are asked whether civil unrest in Germany in 2009 might lead to a repeat of that country’s unhappy history.

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