This Week in the News

In this week’s Update, we are focusing mainly on three subjects–the ever-worsening US economy and other frightening and disturbing developments in furtherance of the new Administration’s agenda; events taking place in the Middle East, including the Pope’s controversial and “disappointing” visit to Jerusalem and the willingness of the U.S. to antagonize Israel in order to appease Iran; and developments in Europe pertaining to the Lisbon treaty and grim reminders from history to show what the European unification may really be all about.

Reviewing the American economy, more and more signs show us that the Great Depression is coming–all optimistic but inaccurate viewpoints notwithstanding. New proposed or adopted legislature increasingly erodes the fabric of our Christian heritage–which is telling in light of President Obama’s view that the US is not a Christian nation, and that he has strong ties to the Muslim world.

The Middle East has been in the news this week; not only because of the Pope’s highly controversial visit–controversial and disappointing for the Jews, that is–but also because of a planned meeting between President Obama and President Netanyahu next week. As Jordan’s King Abdullah put it, all eyes look to Washington, as this is the last chance for the USA to get something accomplished in the Middle East. However, in the process, Israel might very likely look at Mr. Obama’s position as a betrayal, endangering their own security and their very survival. And while Iran is preparing for a nuclear attack from Israel, Europe and the USA are apparently involved in secret and discreet negotiations with Hamas.

Finally, Europeans claim that the Lisbon Treaty is vital for religious freedom in Europe–including the freedom not to have a religion. But as an article from the Daily Mail shows, in order to understand Europe’s future, one must look to its past–especially the recent past under Adolph Hitler. We explain in detail in our free booklet, “Europe in Prophecy,” that historically, the ninth resurrection of the ancient Roman Empire occurred under Hitler and Mussolini, and that the tenth and final revival is occurring right now before our very eyes–IF we have eyes to see.

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