This Week in the News

The possibly staged re-election of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad dominated the press coverage as much as the long-awaited speech of Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu.

Reactions to both events were filled with disappointment, skepticism and the realization that prospects of peace in the Middle East are as far removed as ever–since no real solution has been found in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; Iran’s “insane” old and new dictatorial “undemocratic” leadership will not halt their nuclear ambitions; and an Israeli “pre-emptive” strike on Iran is becoming more and more likely–a fact which Secretary of State Hillary Clinton publicly acknowledged. 

Other news in this issue concentrate on North Korea’s threat to begin a nuclear war and firing a missile towards Hawaii; the ever-increasing “gay rights movement” in the USA and other parts around the world, including Israel; the discussions pertaining to President Obama’s healthcare proposals; proposals to spend more than $100 billion dollars for U.S. war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan; ways to spend stimulus money for fish food and to save money by bulldozing major American cities; the ever-increasing troubles for Britain’s economy, including British Airways; and the acknowledgment that the transmission of the swine flu virus to humans occurred several months before the existing outbreak was recognized.

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