This Week in the News

The call for global governance in all its multiple facets is growing stronger. The Pope advocates it in respect to world economy; President Obama and former Vice President Al Gore advocate it in respect to global warming.

Man has tried repeatedly to set up a world government. All these attempts have failed, but they have caused in the process much misery, pain, war, death, slavery and torture. The Bible reveals that a world government WILL BE set up, but not by man–and in a way quite different from what man might expect. For more information, please listen to our new StandingWatch program, posted on StandingWatch and YouTube, titled, “Our Only Hope for Survival.”

In his meeting with the Pope, Obama declared that he had “every intention, with the commitment of the government, to reduce as much as possible, the number of abortions” (Zenit, July 10, 2009). He also said that the White House will work closely with the Vatican on a number of issues.

In turn, the Pope expressed how impressed he was of Obama (in spite of the fact that Obama supports abortion and stem cell research). All of this came on the heels of an admission by one of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices, that the abortion issue in Roe vs. Wade was decided in the hopes of cleansing unwanted populations. While we cannot possibly agree with such a stance, we are publishing an article on the Catholic Church’s position on abortion, with which we do agree substantially.

Voices were heard again this week to the effect that Israel had no choice but to attack Iran militarily. And none other than the racist “insane” president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, accused Germany of racism over the brutal murder of an Egyptian woman in a German courtroom. It is true, the contemptible attack in a public place and the subsequent silence of the German government for over a week are highly regrettable–since the German government and the EU were very quick, on the other hand, to condemn the murder of a Russian human rights activist. However, Ahmadinejad’s hypocritical criticism must be viewed as nothing but a political scheme in an attempt to score points. Also, the German intelligence agency, “BND,” denied earlier reports about Iran’s ability to produce a nuclear bomb within a short period of time.

It is interesting that recently, pictures were circulated on the Internet, showing Ahmadinejad in friendly conversation with Jewish rabbis and other Jewish leaders. Ahmadinejad’s conduct reminds us to a certain extent of Adolph Hitler. In fact, the same spiritual forces might have been, and could now be at work. When Hitler was coming to power, he behaved very friendly towards the Jews, and at first, rich Jewish bankers supported him and his party financially–even though he had written Mein Kampf and had made it very clear what his ambitions were. The same could be said, perhaps, about Ahmadinejad’s attempts to appear friendly towards the Jews. It is also telling that German intelligence agencies seem to underestimate Ahmadinejad’s abilities–just as the world underestimated Hitler, thinking they would see “peace in our time.” For more information on Adolph Hitler and his Third Reich, please read our free booklet, “Europe in Prophecy.”

In other news about Germany, a potential split between Angela Merkel’s CDU and the Bavarian sister party, CSU, could jeopardize Merkel’s re-election in September, and might even delay the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

Finally, the U.S. is slipping deeper and deeper into debt, while Democrats are attempting to legislate a most ridiculous health care plan; the swine flu is being compared with the flu epidemic of 1918; President Obama’s visit in Africa might not have resulted in any substantial improvement of US-African relationships, notwithstanding the President’s highly charismatic appearance and welcomed speech in Ghana; and a “bombshell” decision by the U.S. Military might bring into focus concerns that Barack Obama may not be a “natural-born” U.S. citizen.

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