This Week in the News

A most serious rift is developing between the United States and Israel over Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem. Not only the USA, but also the international community, including Germany, France and the entire EU, seem united in their condemnation of Israel, and alarming signs of anti-Semitism are surfacing in Great Britain. At the same time, Muslims in Jerusalem have made it very clear that they will not allow the Jews to build a new Temple.

Another threat to peace, which many governmental leaders don’t seem to perceive as very real, is Iran’s desire to acquire nuclear weapons–a development with which Israel is bound to interfere. At the same time, many Iranians believe that the recent presidential elections were nothing but a thinly-veiled military coup by the Revolutionary Guard which answers to the Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

And while America’s influence in the world is waning, even Iraq has begun to stand up to the USA.

Turning to many of America’s domestic problems, voices are getting louder demanding that Barack Obama prove his eligibility as President by producing his birth certificate. It is interesting how long the liberal mass media has ignored this challenging and potentially highly explosive and consequential issue–as it is still ignoring comments by a U.S. Supreme Court Judge, seemingly comparing abortion with eugenics. And while more U.S. banks fail and the insurance fund has reached its lowest level since 1993, Democrats advocate to provide free healthcare to 12 million illegal aliens.

Some concerned voices speak of the possibility of a nuclear attack against the USA; The Wall Street Journal laments that America is leaving itself behind in international business deals; and the potential for a huge Pacific Ocean tsunami on the West Coast of America, which would bring devastation and destruction to the area, may be greater than previously thought.

We conclude with articles about leaders such as the French President and the Dalai Lama advocating global authority in numerous areas of life, and with a post of the Telegraph reporting about scientific “consensus” and “counter-consensus” regarding the politically motivated hot debate as to how to interpret the world’s climate.

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