This Week in the News

The mysteries surrounding President Obama’s original birth certificate continue, and some statements by different players in this drama sound as though they had been lifted from a fictitious suspense novel. At times questionable actions by the left-liberal mass media and the White House seem to try to suppress the issue, rather than to clarify and solve it.

According to some observers, the new Health Care Plan is unfairly attacking especially small businesses, and the dollar continues its fall. While the Obama Administration tries to assure Israel that they are not naive about Iran, John Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, questions America’s and Europe’s policy in regard to Iran.

Turning our attention to Europe, German politicians are upset about a European-US bank data deal; Tony Blair’s appointment as the first EU President is in doubt; and the German Financial Times feels that the “beast of capitalism” will ultimately resurface and prevail.

While The Telegraph describes the “insanity” of the Afghan war, German soldiers are drawn more and more into combat in that area, and especially young people from East Germany are joining the army because of the recession. Finally, Germany’s leading philosopher pleads for a European army and a core Europe. Our free booklet, “Europe in Prophecy,” describes in detail the future role of the German military in world affairs.

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