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Is America steering towards its irrevocable descent into economic calamity and chaos? Our lead article on FDIC’s Insurance Fund and the ever-increasing number of failing banks paints a grim picture, and in doing the math, the picture is even more apocalyptic. And you just know that the country is in trouble when one of America’s foremost prestigious institutions–Reader’s Digest–is forced to file for “prearranged” bankruptcy.

While President Obama is losing his “messianic status” over health care (and actor Chuck Norris has some strong and appropriate warning about “hidden little secrets” in the House Bill), Mr. Obama’s repeated pledge to homosexuals, bi-sexuals and transgender couples to repeal a “discriminatory” federal law on marriage does not help to restore confidence in the willingness to uphold American standards and principles, defining a marriage as a union between a man and a woman. The fact that school administrators in Florida are facing jail time for praying over lunch, allegedly violating a court-approved “consent decree” prohibiting them to promote religion on school grounds, speaks volumes about the God-defying culture in our country.

Britain does not fare much better, if concerns are correct that Scotland released a “terminally-ill” convicted Libyan mass murderer and terrorist because of a political deal between Britain and Libya, involving Libya’s oil.

President Obama’s repeated pledge to continue America’s war in Afghanistan is interesting in light of a revealing interview with former German Defense Minister Volker Rühe, as well as a report about the despicable situation in Afghanistan and the means by which politicians come to or stay in power.

As Der Spiegel wrote on August 20: “Afghans went to the polls Thursday to elect a new president. Although the Taliban did not manage to stop the election from taking place, their attacks and threats kept turnout low in many regions. After the polls closed on Thursday afternoon, the Afghan government made its first assessment of the situation — and it wasn’t exactly flattering. President Hamid Karzai’s authorities reported 73 direct attacks against polling stations in 15 provinces… Afghans will only discover the outcome of the election in the coming days. The first preliminary results will probably be made public this weekend, and the final result of the first round of voting will only be announced on Sept. 17.”

Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei made again very clear what Iran’s real intentions are–in preparing for the coming of the Mahdi, all Muslim nations should unite militarily to fight against the USA and Israel.

The British paper, The Mail, laments the government’s plan to launch mass immunizations in October to “fight” the swine flu, because of concerns that the vaccines might cause a brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome. And an article by the New York Times shows that our justice system’s blind reliance on DNA evidence is highly misplaced.

Ongoing earthquakes in and close to Japan are causes for alarm–with experts fearing that the “Big One” might not be far off; and continuing violence and terrorist attacks in the Caucasus, coupled with Russia’s meddling in South Caucasus areas, “stoke fears that [the southern Russian Republic of] Ingushetia [is] replacing Chechnya as the next battleground in southern Russia,” as Deutsche Welle put it.

Finally, the European press published documentation showing that both the USA and Great Britain knew about Hitler’s plan to exterminate the Jews as early as 1942, but did nothing to prevent it. The Vatican tries to capitalize on this widely-known fact, by wrongly suggesting that Pope Pius XII tried to save as many Jews as possible. However, the collaboration between Hitler’s and Mussolini’s fascist regime and the Roman Catholic Church under Pope Pius XII is beyond historical doubt and reproof.

All of these developments identify the prophesied “signs of the times,” in which we live. For more information, please read our free booklets, “The Fall and Rise of Britain and America,” “Europe in Prophecy,” and “The Great Tribulation and the Day of the Lord.”

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