This Week in the News

Dramatic developments are occurring in Europe. While Ireland and Poland have adopted the Lisbon Treaty, all eyes are focused on the Czech Republic–the last European member state which still needs to sign the Treaty. But especially Ireland’s “Yes-vote” has observers worried about the willingness of Europe to give up democracy and instead resort to fear tactics, and some claim that Europe is steadily advancing towards its ultimate goal of world domination. Many seem to support Tony Blair as the first permanent European president–especially after his conversion to Roman Catholicism–while others advocate the notion that only Germany is predestined to continue to create and lead Europe.

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In other European news, we report on Austria’s strong support of its right-winged parties one year after Joerg Haider’s mysterious death; the idle attempts of some in Germany to create nationwide “Jewish” (actually biblical) and Muslim holidays; and Poland’s reaction to Russian endeavors to make a hero out of a mass murderer–Josef Stalin.

Turning to the Middle East, no peace is in sight for Jerusalem and no real solutions seem to present themselves to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

Focusing on the USA, the world reacted with shock, disbelief and even outright mockery when it was announced that President Obama was awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. And while new U.S. legislation is being proposed for “hate crimes” and “universal healthcare,” the coined term, “Obamageddon,” summarizes fears of a coming great depression and the demise of the U.S. dollar and of the “Empire America.”

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We conclude with an article of Time magazine, comparing President Obama with Moses, just to show how far the mass media is straying from biblical truth.

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