This Week in the News

We begin with several articles on Afghanistan–and the futile and lost war that the Western powers are waging in that country. Both in the USA and in Europe, the tide is turning against prolonging this war. Der Stern wrote that the situation is “unsolvable”; the Financial Times stated that the Afghan war will decide whether President Obama “succeeds or fails,” arguing that it is “not a necessary war” and speculating that “one spectacular Taliban strike might flip the balance of opinion – and, with or without extra forces, the US would then be back on the path to defeat.”

We also show how Israel is upset with the EU; how Iran continues to defy the world; and how public opinion in Switzerland–and also in Germany and other European countries–is erupting against the spread of Islam in Europe. Commenting on the referendum in Switzerland to ban the construction of Muslim minarets, the German mass tabloid Bild wrote that Germans would probably vote the same way, continuing, “Large parts of the Islamic world don’t share our basic European values… Nowhere is life made harder for Christians than in Islamic countries. Those who are intolerant themselves cannot expect unlimited tolerance from others.”

At the same time, Germany’s constitutional court, following the request of the Catholic and Protestant Church, upheld the general prohibition against Sunday shopping. As one commentator said: “Strange isn’t [it] how some people accept this law on grounds of religion and social unity, yet are outraged at the thought of a minaret because Islam and sharia law may have similar laws restricting freedoms.”

Turning our attention to the elections of the EU Commissioners, new facts evolved pertaining to EU President Herman Van Rompuy, and especially Great Britain is unhappy with the nomination of French minister Michel Barnier as Commissioner for the key internal market post. The Daily Mail wrote that “Mr Barnier is expected to push hard to give Brussels the power to regulate financial institutions [in Britain] instead of the British authorities.” At the same time, the paper speculates whether Britain is on the brink of bankruptcy.

We conclude with a few articles pertaining to the horrible practice of flagellation in the Catholic Church and with the despicable methods employed by scientists to support global warming. These articles show how far this world has drifted away from the true God of the Bible and His values and teachings.

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