This Week in the News

The earthquake in Haiti will not be the last BIG earthquake predestined to occur very soon. Since last Sunday, several earthquakes, ranging from magnitude 5.8 to 6.3, were reported worldwide. And while the USA has assumed a leadership role in Haiti to deal with the crisis, it is being blamed for apparent shortcomings, and especially France has begun to accuse the USA of trying to occupy Haiti. And while President Obama had to face a huge and extremely embarrassing loss in liberal Massachusetts exactly one year after he took power, the relationship between the USA and China is bound to deteriorate, which will greatly hurt the US economy.

At the same time, it is felt that German engagement is a key factor for European success in the Middle East. Evidence is also mounting that the fanatic Iranian regime or Hezbollah were responsible for the murder of Masoud Ali Mohammadi, and Germans, including the two big churches, are becoming increasingly frustrated with German military involvement in Afghanistan in lieu of the recent terrorist attack of the Taliban. We conclude with a report of the pope’s visit to Rome’s main synagogue, highlighting the ongoing troubled relationship between the Vatican and the Jews.

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