This Week in the News

This issue focuses heavily on events in Europe.

We begin this section by reporting on the collapse of the Dutch government, which was mainly caused by disagreements on how to proceed in Afghanistan. The highly unpopular Afghan war might force other individual European governments to either withdraw their troops or to risk political defeat. At the same time, the EU–as a unified entity–is getting more and more involved, politically and militarily, in countries such as Afghanistan.

Looking merely after its own economic interests, France struck a military deal with Russia, thereby antagonizing and frightening other European countries. Israel warns that Britain and the USA may be next in line to be accused of war crimes, and Europe is struggling to resolve the Greece debacle which is blamed to a large extent on secretive U.S. dealings. The German government is asking the Catholic Church to deal with its problems of sexual child abuse through deviant priests. At the same time, Germany’s female leader of the Protestant church resigned over an incident of drunk driving.

An interesting article discusses the Habsburg legacy, and we conclude with an admission of scientists that they make mistakes–showing that our trust must never be in science if it contradicts the Word of God.

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