This Week in the News

Earthquakes this week, including those in Mexico on April 4 (7.2) and in Indonesia on April 6 (7.8), were again a sobering reminder of Christ’s words about “the beginning of sorrows.”

Adding to this President Obama’s announcement of a major shift in America’s defense policies, which will potentially weaken the US military substantially; the incredible confusion surrounding President Obama’s “one and only” supposed accomplishment so far–the new health care legislation; ongoing violence in Iraq and Afghanistan; the increasing desire to build a third temple in Jerusalem; deteriorating relationships between Israel and Turkey; Britain’s unfounded hope for a brighter future as the result of their upcoming general election in May; the celebration of the pagan Easter festival; and the ongoing discussion of the sex scandal within the Roman Catholic Church; and it should not be too difficult to decipher the “signs of the times.” We can expect further tumultuous events to occur in the near future, culminating in the RETURN of Jesus Christ.

Especially the apparent present crisis of the Catholic church is noteworthy. The Vatican and bishops and Catholic newspapers and agencies have begun to deny any culpability of the church or the pope and have instead gone on the attack against those who report the criminal activities and the cover-ups within the organization. This strategy may prove to be “successful”: Many believing Catholics may indeed be caught unawares. As the old saying goes: If one tells a lie or denies the truth long enough, many will believe it.

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