This Week in the News

While President Obama is hosting a nuclear proliferation summit, being aware that “nuclear terrorism is an urgent threat” to U.S. and world security, and while Burma is arising as a new potential nuclear foe, the highly prestigious German paper, “Die Zeit,” warns that the US is stirring towards another recession (or to say it more accurately, that the US is actually facing a prolonged continuation of its current recession). And while the new health care bill poses more questions than it answers, concerns are raised again regarding Barack Obama’s eligibility as President, given the fact that the Kenyan Parliament and the Kenyan Ambassador to the US claim that Mr. Obama was not born in Hawaii, but in Kenya.

In addition, the relationship between President Obama and German Chancellor Merkel leaves much to be desired. Der Spiegel Online wrote on April 14: “US President Barack Obama came to power promising to unite the nation. Now he has divided it even more than his predecessor George W. Bush.”

Germany is confronted with the grim reality of having to admit its active participation in the “unjust” and highly unpopular Afghan war, which is increasingly costing lives.

Turning our attention to the tragedy involving the death of the Polish elite, commentators have a hard time agreeing on what the future will hold for the grief-stricken country of Poland. Up until now, Poland has been considered as a strong ally of the United States, Israel and Europe. With a new Polish leadership, relationships with Europe will become even stronger, but the Bible predicts that the friendship between Europe, including Poland, and the United States and Israel will soon grow cold.

While Israel mourns the death of a strong ally, preparations in Israel are ongoing for the building of the Third Temple and the beginning of weekly sacrifices. At the same time, voices are heard warning against Obama’s attacks on Israel and a dramatic shift of Obama’s policy against Israel.

Hungary is experiencing a move to the right, and as if to silence the critics and gainsayers of the euro, Europe’s currency surged to a one-month high against the U.S. dollar. At the same time, the “BRIC” nations are emerging as a new power bloc and a potential threat for Europe.

More strong earthquakes were experienced in the Solomon Islands, in Spain and in China, prompting Sky Channel to ask: “Is it almost time for the big one?… We’re wondering if these quakes will continue, and where the Earth will decide to shake next…” And the eruption of a volcano in Iceland shows how fragile our civilization is, and how natural disasters can easily paralyze our way of living.

We report about the ongoing sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church; the continuing failure of that church to effectively deal with the issue; and an announcement that atheists in England are supporting efforts to ascertain whether Pope Benedict XVI can be arrested and tried when he comes to Britain in September, for “having committed a crime against humanity” in respect to the sex abuse scandal. In this world of political intrigue, it is of course highly doubtful that a British court would allow those claims to go forward and for the pope to be prosecuted, as so far, no American court has been found which is actively pursuing to try the nagging question whether Barack Obama is even eligible to be President under the U.S. Constitution.

We conclude with reports on contaminated vaccines and poisons and heavy metals in our meat–showing how fragile and destructive our “civilization” really is.

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