This Week in the News

We report about the possible mastermind behind the failed New York car bombing and remind our readers that a nuclear attack on the USA is a certainty. And as the Bible prophesies future nuclear attacks on America and an ongoing isolation of the state of Israel, so it warns of increasing natural and man-made disasters, such as the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the ongoing volcanic eruption in Iceland.

Turning to domestic developments in the USA, we report on the unprecedented situation that the U.S. Supreme Court might end up with no Protestant Christian judge, while the IRS might be unable and incapable to “enforce” the new health care legislation.

We report on Britain’s Election Day, and an article in Der Spiegel Online discusses scenarios regarding the future of Europe and the USA in light of Greece, while other articles report on the possibility of European laws increasingly restricting individual freedoms and liberties, as well as the worldwide rise of anti-Semitism and anti Gypsy sentiments in Europe, such as in Hungary.

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