This Week in the News

As more information, video footage and eye witness accounts (including from best-selling Swedish author Henning Mankell) emerge about Israel’s raid against a flotilla of “peace activists,” it becomes clearer that at least some of the participating activists anticipated and provoked an Israeli attack, which Israel did in fact carry out in, what has been termed, a most “disastrous” way. As a consequence, the world–especially dubious Turkey–turned against Israel, with the possible exception of the USA.

Radical Iran’s government is capitalizing on the furor against Israel, offering their naval forces to escort future flotillas. This comes on the heels of an announcement by Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, considering the possibility of accompanying future escorts. During his visit in Cypress, and while speaking to a crowd of some 10,000 Cypriots and pilgrims from Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, the Pope “urged the world community to resolve the ongoing tensions in the Middle East before they lead to greater bloodshed.” It is known that the “Vatican backs a Palestinian homeland alongside Israel’s right to exist within internationally recognized borders.”

Another possible debacle is on the horizon for German Chancellor Angela Merkel. If on June 30, her candidate for the next German President should be defeated–which is perceived to be a distinct possibility–then it “could spell the end of Merkel’s government” and “would herald the end of her center-right coalition.” This development is not helped by the German government’s announcement of the “largest package of austerity measures in the country’s history,” following a course of action agreed upon by Europe’s G20 finance ministers and central bankers, which is leading to further tensions between the USA and Germany. We also observed a victory of far-right leader Geert Wilders in the parliamentary elections of The Netherlands.

We conclude with articles on the Oil Spill and about frightening solar activities, reminding us of prophecies in the Bible pertaining to the end time.

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