This Week in the News

We begin reporting on Chelsea Clinton’s wedding with Marc Mezvinsky and the underlying problematic phenomenon of increasing interfaith marriages. We are also addressing the ongoing problem of “gay games” and “gay parades,” for instance in Germany and Jerusalem, as well as the most recent decision by a federal “gay” judge on same-sex marriages.

Several articles claim that President Obama is out of touch with reality, including on issues such as the Afghan war, the health care reform or the Gulf oil spill, while it was revealed that the USA has a plan to attack Iran and while the killing of US troops in Afghanistan is getting worse.

Newly elected British Prime Minister David Cameron, who “has not been afraid to say what he thinks during a string of recent foreign trips,” has been causing furor in Pakistan, which is at the same time being plagued by the worst floods in the country’s history; and while Vladimir Putin is preparing his comeback as President and Russia enacts a dangerous law, and while the Netherlands are heading towards “the most conservative Dutch government in history,” German military experts and politicians are pleading for the retention of compulsory military service and a powerful and influential German army.

We conclude with a frightening development of diminishing plant plankton worldwide, which could lead to the death of sea birds and marine mammals “in huge numbers.” 

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