This Week in the News

We begin with reporting on frightening developments in the USA, which are going to affect many American citizens, beginning in 2011. We are speaking of unprecedented tax hikes at a time of great economic turmoil and, what is judged to be as a futile attempt by the President to save the economy. It appears that the current US government is on a suicidal mission, not unlike the supposedly “invincible” Titanic. At that time, it was proudly proclaimed that even God could not destroy the cruise ship…

Addressing “foolishness,” a new book by scientist Stephen Hawking claims that the universe created itself, and Christian leaders try to rebut the argument with equally foolish statements.

We are reporting on the continuing debate in Germany, surrounding the controversial central bank board member, Thilo Sarrazin. The media raises the question of what it all means for Germany and Europe. Right-wing leaders in The Netherlands and Austria are on the rise, and France tries to find a scapegoat in the Romas. The German press is also making some interesting comments regarding the need for a charismatic European leader.

We are witnessing the development of a militaristic China and address ongoing concerns of a war in the Middle East, involving Israel and Iran, and renewed “peace talks,” which may end before they have really begun.

We report on Pastor Terry Jones’ announcement to have copies of the Koran burned on September 11, quote from a German article stating interesting allegations about Jones, and conclude with a report on the powerful New Zealand earthquake, which might have opened a new faultline.

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