This Week in the News

A remarkable confrontation is developing between the Catholic Church and Israel over the biblical “right” to the Promised Land. Israel has been judged as one of the corrupt countries in the Western world. The controversy over Islamists in Europe is continuing and is involving a debate in Germany as to how much church should be in the state. Germany is still haunted by its Nazi past, also in light of new revelations of how much of the Nazi propaganda was embraced by large sections of the German people, and how events were covered up for many years after World War II.

We are informed that there are plans to create a network of European far-right parties; and that President Sarkozy’s approval rate is at an all-time low which might induce him to turn to far-right voters for help. At the same time, Germany and France are demanding an amendment to the European treaty, and according to the Economist, Europe needs, but fears, German leadership.

Turning to events in the USA, some observers are alarmed over President Obama’s repeated omission of the “Creator,” when quoting the Declaration of Independence; and the embarrassing and potentially dangerous release of classified military documents on Iraq does not only show unspeakable torture and cruelty, as well as high numbers of deaths of innocent civilians, but it also manifests the inability of the USA for many years to fight successfully in Iraq; and it shows how much America has become a deeply humiliated giant.

We report on Europe’s complaints about America’s intrusive travel restrictions, and address Syria’s fears and concerns pertaining to Iran’s ambitions in the Middle East.

We conclude with a piece on bees–stinging to death the myth of evolution.

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