This Week in the News

We report on the financial crisis in the USA and its fiscal policy, which has been criticized as a terrible and extremely dangerous failure, with potentially horrendous results for the USA and the global market. Germany especially is reacting with outright anger and condemnation, calling the USA hypocritical and a violator of international agreements. The ghostly serpent of “bank holidays,” as instituted in the 1930s, is again raising its ugly head.

In spite of many concerned voices inside and outside the USA, warning of the current political and economic direction which the USA is pursuing, it appears that no course adjustment is forthcoming. Not unlike the superstitious confidence in the “unsinkable” Titanic, our government leaders still seem to believe that we will prevail in the end, no matter how questionable our policies are and how dark the future appears. The Bible warns of “foolish prophets” who envision futility and who speak nonsense, while neglecting to turn to God and His words (Ezekiel 13:1-14).  

Focusing on Europe, anger and anti-Americanism are also renewed and deepened due to former President Bush’s new book; the EU President warns of war because of rising European nationalism; Germany says she is willing to use military means in defense of economic interests; voices ask whether French democracy is in jeopardy due to the government’s self-serving politics; and Italy’s immorality in government circles is exposed.

We conclude with a brief excerpt showing that peace in the Middle East is as illusive as ever.

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