This Week in the News

An interesting article in the New York Times describes in vivid terms America’s fascination with its allies—and brings to mind the biblical prophecies, warning the USA and Great Britain against hiring “lovers” and submitting to their ideologies and politics.

As was to be expected, Wikileaks finds itself under attack—especially by those who don’t like the revelations and are anxious to persecute the messenger, rather than focusing on the deeply disturbing and extremely embarrassing messages. To be clear, we do not, of course, endorse the publication of any sensitive documentation which would jeopardize the security of the USA or the lives of American citizens. It is for this very reason that we are deleting in our quotations from news sources any references to names, locations or identities. On the other hand, the hatred against the messengers, rather than against some of the deplorable messages, is telling and revealing in the light of biblical prophecies.

Additional reports discuss the “Christmas traditions” of the “Three Wise Men” and of “Santa Claus” and “Black Peter,” as well as the incredible appeal to the “moon goddess” for inspiration and guidance during UN climate negotiations. We also report about a tragic injury during a German TV show which was broadcast live—showing the degeneration of our societies and bringing to mind the situation in ancient Rome just prior to its fall and destruction.

We conclude with several articles on Europe and the fiscal situation in the USA.

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