This Week in the News

Jared Loughner, 22, was charged with the shooting in Tucson, Arizona, on Saturday, January 8, 2011, in which six people were killed, including a federal judge and a nine-year-old girl, and more than a dozen injured. Some on the political left were anxious to blame “the right” for these horrendous murders. These reactions are not only ludicrous and irresponsible, they are also devoid of any facts. It appears that Loughner dabbled in the occult and devil worship, as well as alcohol and drugs, and he might very well have been demonically inspired, if not possessed, to carry out these heinous crimes.

Our “sophisticated” modern western world does not (want to) believe in a devil and his forces of evil, and while biblical standards are torn down and pushed aside (see our article, “No More Father and Mother in US Passports”), biblical “teachers” discredit the Bible when such abominable and blasphemous conduct helps their political agenda (see our article, “How Religious Liberals Violate Scripture.”). Even the memorial service in Tuscon, Arizona, which was conducted on Wednesday, January 12, for the victims of the shooting, began with the “blessing” of a Native American Indian!

We also observed this week the continuing dismantling of America’s special relationship with Britain, while core Europe–especially Germany and France—proceed to show and use their muscles. We report on the crisis in Lebanon and conclude with articles on floods in Australia and the ongoing worldwide mass deaths of many birds and fish. Despite “scientific speculatory explanations” and attempts by the mass media to “downplay” the issue, the mystery remains.

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