This Week in the News

We begin reporting on the most recent terror attack at Moscow’s airport, including the Russian government’s reaction and the long history of violence in that part of the world. Focusing on the volatile and unstable conditions in certain countries, we publish articles on Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon, showing Europe’s increasing influence and involvement, as well as the marginal impact of the United States.

Concentrating on domestic issues within the United States, we report on the still missing and apparently non-existing long-form birth certificate of President Obama; claims of ongoing torture; and the pitiful prayer to “Father Sky” and “Mother Earth” at the memorial service in Tucson, Arizona.

Turning our attention to additional religious issues, we speak of the Adventists’ position on abortion; the Catholic Church’s stance on celibacy; and the Vatican’s cover-up of crimes by pedophile priests.

We conclude with an eye-opening UN report, stating that 2010 was the deadliest year in at least two decades, and warning that worse natural disasters are to come.

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