This Week in the News

We begin with the ongoing disconcerting developments in Egypt, even after Hosni Mubarak resigned and left Cairo. After a military putsch or coup, the generals are in control, but are they willing to fulfill their promise to conduct free elections in September, thereby running the risk of losing all their privileges which they enjoy—including tax exemption, possession of free land and high salaries?

Even though the military is respected in the country—much more so than any of the political candidates who have emerged so far and the Muslim Brotherhood—many of the demonstrations were held for the express purpose of establishing a civil government. The additional fear is, of course, that the Muslim Brotherhood—the only organized opposition to the former Mubarak regime—will try to hijack the freedom movement.

We are also reporting on the ongoing turmoil in other Middle Eastern countries.

In other news, we are focusing on equally earth-shaking events in Europe (even though the media has largely ignored those in lieu of the events in the Middle East). We are seeing the emergence of a core or two-speed Europe, under German leadership (as prophesied in Scripture) and, at the same time, a widening rift between Britain and the euro-zone (which is also prophesied to occur). At the same time, more and more European leaders state that multiculturalism has failed, and while people are looking for spiritual help in all the wrong places, we are told about the biggest solar flare in years (compare Luke 21:25), and, as an unpleasant reminder that no country or area is exempt, we report about a rare sizeable earthquake that struck Germany on Monday (compare Matthew 24:7-8).

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