This Week in the News

We begin with reporting on ongoing natural disasters affecting the USA and continue with Pakistan’s and the UN’s reaction to the US raid allegedly killing Usama Bin Laden. And while another US attempt to kill one of the perceived new Al Qaida leaders in Yemen failed, it appears that Al Qaida is “alive and well.” At the same time, the chaos in Syria continues, and a power struggle is developing in Iran.

An interesting article by the Economist about Germany’s willingness to employ military force in Libya needs to be read in conjunction with European attempts to strengthen their “defense policy,” and to establish a powerful EU leader, within the confines of orthodox Christianity.

While Germany’s prosperity grows, Greece is in big economic trouble, but speculations that Greece may leave the Eurozone seem to be premature at best–as seems to be the postulation that former German Defense Minister Guttenberg’s political career is definitely over.

We conclude with developments in the USA and Europe, pertaining to homosexuals, and the results of new research regarding the benefits of breastfeeding.

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