This Week in the News

So much important news was reported this week from all over the world, that it is impossible to discuss all of it. The following is just meant to be a synopsis as to what is happening, but we are confident that it will show the speed with which biblical prophecies are being fulfilled.

We begin with reporting on President Obama’s siding with the Palestinians against Israel, as well as Europe’s condemnation of Israel (notwithstanding some lip services to the contrary), and continue with writing about ongoing violence in Egypt against Christians and Israelis. Turning to the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden, the Taliban in Pakistan launched a deadly revenge attack, and while the US raid and perceived murder of Osama has been found to be in violation of international law, shocking news has emerged that the US was reputedly prepared to bomb Pakistan in the aftermath of the raid. We are also focusing on the complex situation in Syria, and the “strange” relationship between Iran, Venezuela and Germany.

Turning to eventful occurrences in Europe, we report on European disunity and fear of growing nationalism, and, at the same time, on “astonishing” economic growth of the Eurozone countries and Germany’s tremendous recovery. Sadly, the US seems to be facing the distinct possibility of bankruptcy by August 2, and we hear about a very pessimistic forecast of British growth.

We are also reporting on the Queen’s historic visit to Ireland and Scotland’s Protestant-Catholic rift; pointing at a renewed fear of a trade war between China and the EU; highlighting the arrest of IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn because of alleged rape, which probably ends his political career and his hope for a run for the French Presidency; discuss the grim outlook for some of the Republican candidates for the US Presidency; and conclude with a shameful article advocating against laws prohibiting adultery.

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