This Week in the News

We begin with some shocking articles about the terrible state of affairs and the seemingly inevitable decline and fall of the “American Empire.” Shocking, that is, for the many who have not heard or who have dismissed our past announcements of ancient prophetic revelations showing from the Bible that in these end times, America WILL fall. At the same time, we hear that the relationship between America and Germany is extremely bad—a development that was likewise prophesied to occur thousands of years ago.

As America falls, so Europe rises—under German leadership. Remarkable reports reiterate that the European unity is essentially a “Christian” project, with no separation between church and state (or, as it is being coined, religion and politics), but the tragedy is that the core doctrines of orthodox or traditional Christianity are not in harmony with the teachings of the Bible.

Turning our attention to the US dealings with the Middle Eastern revolution, and focusing on that revolution itself, we are told that the US Congress adopted a non-binding and somewhat meaningless resolution, telling President Obama he has broken the constitutional chain of authority by committing US troops to the international military mission in Libya. We are also told that Russia condemned once again NATO’s activities in Libya, and we are informed that for all practical purposes, the illusionary and naïve dream of a “peaceful” Arab revolution is over, and that increasingly, continued violence is to be expected.

We are specifically focusing on Yemen—a strong ally of the US which might end up in utter chaos—and we are also informed that the US and Israel have failed to keep Iran from developing a nuclear warhead; that airstrikes can no longer stop its nuclear program; and that the US can do nothing short of military occupation, which is not expected to occur, due to America’s unsuccessful military adventures in other parts of the world.

We conclude with an article on the terrible consequences of Japan’s nuclear crisis, and two articles on the Bilderbergs’ secret meeting in Switzerland. What these articles describe is indeed frightening and eye-opening, if true.

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