This Week in the News

In this news edition, we are reporting on the fragile and highly volatile situation in Libya, especially in light of continuing charges of NATO’s illegal conduct in that part of the world, the questionable conduct of the German Defense Ministry, and the dissemination of rumors pertaining to a possible American invasion of Libya and Syria; inform our readers on Iran’s plan to start its first nuclear power plant in August; speak about Egypt’s futile attempts to create real democratic change; quote several articles about the interesting relationship between China and Europe, and especially between China and Germany; speak about the pressure which the EU is asserting against Greece; report on a new proposed Dutch law prohibiting Muslims and Jews to ritually slaughter animals; discuss the appointment and the intensions of the French Minister, Mrs. Christine Lagarde, as the new head of the IMF; and conclude with a warning that nuclear power plants are dangerous—including in the USA.

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