This Week in the News

We begin reporting about the devastation caused by the hurricane or tropical storm Irene. Even though the damage could have been much worse for the USA, it is still bad enough, including for America’s fragile economy. We also speak about the recent earthquake in Virginia and the discovery of a new fault line on Mount Hood.

We continue pointing out the ever-existing and growing threat of radical Iran towards Israel and Christianity, and speak of prominent Europeans advocating the invasion or “liberation” of Jerusalem through Muslim countries. We report about French perceptions that Europe is being attacked by the USA, and explain at the same time that hyped-up fears that the Eurozone will collapse and the euro will fail, are just unrealistic propagandistic and unbiblical attempts to support whatever position is being postulated.

We conclude with speaking of European desires to play a greater role in the Middle East and North Africa, and with the current nightmare scenarios for Libya.

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