This Week in the News

We begin reporting about the dire situation in the United States, including its natural disasters, its conflicts with its neighbor Mexico, and the prospects of its postal service defaulting; we speak of Canada’s ongoing problems with its submarine fleet; we continue with the situation in Europe, including the survival of the euro, and the demand for the creation of a two-speed Europe and for political unification; we speak of Angela Merkel’s recent defeat in another state election; we address popular conspiracy theories surrounding the attack on September 11; we report on the (prophesied) deteriorating relationship between Turkey and the state of Israel and Turkey’s desire to form a coalition with Egypt; we warn of a preemptive strike of Israel against Iran; we show the sense of “justice” of Libya’s rebels towards African migrants and the danger of Islamists creating a new Libyan state; we report on a widening unprecedented rift between the Vatican and Ireland; and we conclude with an attempt in Australia to ban Jesus Christ from school history books.

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