This Week in the News

We report on the fragile and deteriorating relationship between Pakistan and the USA and the continuing isolation of the state of Israel in lieu of frightening developments in Iran and the revolutions and rebellions in Arab and African nations, including Egypt, Syria and Morocco.

We specifically focus on the fight for the survival of the euro and the Eurozone; the resurgence of Italy; the consensus that Germany and Angela Merkel must be the savior for Europe’s debt crisis; and the plans to create separate agreements with perhaps “ten core Eurozone member states” or European “groups of nations.”

We conclude with reports about the omission of God in the president’s Thanksgiving Day radio address; and the drastic changes in the Catholic Mass.

Even though all of these topics are diverse, they have in common that biblical prophecies are being fulfilled in all of these areas. We should be able to see more and more how the climaxing event of the Great Tribulation is fast approaching.

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