This Week in the News

We begin with reporting on the international consensus that Germany must lead to solve the European debt crisis, and that Germany is perceived to be the only country that can do so. Grudgingly, France is submitting to Germany‘s lead. At the same time, Britain comes under sharp attacks for allegedly sabotaging EU unification, thereby “infuriating” her allies.

Britain’s “younger” brother, the USA (as the Bible treats him), is coming under increased pressure and is facing threats of isolation. Apart from “Obama’s Culture of Corruption,” 33 leaders from across Latin America and the Caribbean formed a new bloc, including every nation in the hemisphere except the USA and Canada. Afghanistan demands of the USA to stop their very successful night raids; Israel is offended by some of Hillary Clinton’s comments; and Iran claims that they shot down a highly sophisticated and sensitive drone. The USA confirmed that Iran is in possession of the missing drone, without admitting that Iran shot it down. We are also discussing the religious beliefs of the American President and his most successful Republican challengers, pointing out that their beliefs and practices are not in harmony with the Bible.

Turning again to Britain, we see that Iran’s anger with their former colonial “conqueror” is not abating, and while Iran suffered a major setback in its nuclear program—which might have bought the world a little time before the outbreak of a devastating war in the Middle East—we see that Israel has every reason to feel threatened by the developments in Egypt.

We conclude with reporting on events in Russia. Even though Putin’s party suffered a major electoral setback, it still received almost 50% of the votes (apparently with the help of major election fraud and corruption), and it is also still fairly certain that Putin will be the next Russian President. Given Putin’s ambitions of creating an undemocratic Russian empire, this cannot be good news for the West.

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