This Week in the News

We begin with interesting developments involving Syria, Russia and China on the one hand, and the EU and the USA on the other hand. An alliance between China, Russia, Syria and other Middle Eastern nations against the EU and the USA is becoming more and more obvious. We are also reporting on Russia’s refusal to provide the EU with much needed oil.

Turning our attention again to Iran, we note that Iran is preparing for war, apparently even with the intent of launching a “pre-emptive strike against Israel.” Pakistan has declared that they will come to the help of Iran if Israel were to attack. Again, we see certain potential coalitions forming against the West and Israel, while Germany’s position on the matter of Iran remains murky, and the USA and Israel disagree with each other. We are also reporting on a rift between Argentina and Great Britain and the most recent developments in Greece.

Focusing on social issues, we read about a controversial decision pertaining to German conduct in World War II, which decision is nevertheless welcomed by the EU. We also hear about a decision of one of the most liberal courts in the USA, regarding same-sex marriages; learn about a nightmare scenario in respect to genetically modified mosquitoes and the creation of a deadly bird flu; comment on America’s divided and disillusioned GOP; and conclude with a piece showing the tremendous political influence of the Roman Catholic Church organization in the United States.

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