This Week in the News

We begin with alarming trends manifesting the inevitable political and economic downfall of the United States of America, discuss the fragile relationship between the EU and the USA; Europe’s ambitions; and the volatile relationship between the EU and Greece.

We continue to warn of the frightening development pertaining to Iran. We relate the fact that a victory for Israel against Iran in a violent confrontation is far from certain and that the cocky attitude of the USA might suffer some serious humiliation. In addition, we see now that Iran is beginning to threaten Europe!

We report on the “Arab Spring” in Egypt, which is becoming a nightmare for Egypt’s women and the USA and Israel; and we speak of a shocking allegation that allegedly Interpol collaborated with Saudi Arabia in support of deadly Islamist radical fanaticism.

We also convey an interesting archaeological discovery regarding the legendary goldmines of the Queen of Sheba; comment on Whitney Houston’s death and the deadly interaction of alcohol and many illegal and even legal drugs, including prescription and non-prescription drugs; give an example of typical political hypocrisy; address the unbiblical teaching that all contraceptives are wrong; and conclude with a report on the terrible consequences of divorce on innocent children.

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