This Week in the News

We begin with a troubling report on America’s war in Afghanistan, which claims that the US military and the government have consistently misled the American public about the true conditions on the ground. We continue with frightening articles on the terrible state of affairs of the American economy, and even though optimists proclaim a bright future, several analysts predict another recession.

We also point out that Britain faces similar dire conditions; that the government is out of money; and that a devastating new virus is killing British lambs with potentially terrible consequences for the farmers.

Turning to the European continent, the German Parliament approved another bail-out for Greece AGAINST the wish of the majority of the German people, and in spite of its generosity, Germany is being libeled and slandered by the Greek media and the Greek people, which the Germans will not tolerate for much longer.

Focusing on the Middle East, the sabre rattling in preparation of a coming war in the Middle East must not be ignored, and as so often, politics and fanaticism seem to have again the upper hand—not what may be the right or wrong course of action. But God has long determined the outcome of any such war, which would have critical prophetic consequences.

After speaking on North Korea and Japan, we continue with reports on Yoga and Homeschooling in Canada; a possible violation of privacy rights in Europe; an article about hopelessly false and ignorant concepts by most famous atheist Richard Dawkins and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, about the origin of life; and we conclude with a discussion on when human life begins. Sadly, even those who believe that human life begins with conception are unwilling to draw the correct practical consequences from such knowledge.

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