This Week in the News

We begin with an article in Deutsche Welle, describing in almost biblical terms the present state of affairs of the United States—as a frail patient, permanently confined to his sick bed. We continue with alarming reports about alleged forged records pertaining to President Obama, claiming that his Long Form was “likely a digitally created forgery,” and that “the President’s Selective Service Card (Draft Card)… was also a forgery.” The deafening silence of the entire American main stream media on this extremely important issue is appalling, but not that terribly surprising.

We continue reporting on the terrible tragedy of the latest incident in Afghanistan, involving the senseless mass murder of Afghan civilians through an American soldier who might or might not have been mentally disturbed; point out the difference in approach of the American and the German government in regard to the Afghan war; speak of Germany’s desire for a European constitution; raise the issue of a future monarchy in Germany; report on Europe’s “awakening” to the Iranian nuclear threat; address the ambitions of the new EU Parliament Chief Martin Schulz; speak on Russia’s dubious role in world affairs; and focus on the ongoing collision course between the USA and Israel, which is sometimes provoked by seemingly unnecessary conduct of American agencies.

We conclude with two articles about sickening US government approval of “pink slime” for students and of the Pepsi Company’s “use of cells derived from an aborted fetus in flavor-enhancing research.”

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