This Week in the News

We begin reporting on Angela Merkel’s defeat in the most recent state election, but we should not be too quick to jump to premature conclusions regarding her political survival or her goal to save the euro. We also address the ongoing crisis in Greece and introduce you to the exciting life of German Finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble.

Turning our attention to the USA, we quote from an article, written by a homosexual author, stating that Mr. Obama became the first “gay president,” and we also report on the worldwide disappointment over his presidency, as well as the difference between the European approach and the American approach to the financial crisis.

We focus on attempts of some Arab nations to unite, trying to use the EU as a pattern; and we speak of dangerous developments in the Far East, including in Pakistan, India and China.

We conclude with articles of diverse topics: The mysterious death of many dolphins and seabirds defies scientific explanations; and the incredible increase of repeat abortions and preparations to implant microchips in humans irrespective of the obvious dangers–something which defies sound human reasoning and boggles the mind!

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