This Week in the News

We begin with a report on the interesting relationship between Germany and Poland on the one hand, and Germany and the Ukraine on the other hand, showing how biblical prophecy is important in this context. Other articles explain the prophesied predominant role of Germany in Europe and the desire of the EU to create a political union.

We continue with the rocky relationship between Israel and Turkey, and between Israel and Germany; we address the situation in Iran and Syria; and we focus on a traumatic power struggle and corruption in the Vatican, which might include most important and influential cardinals. This earthquake in the Catholic Church might be mirrored by real earthquakes in Italy which struck again this week.

We conclude with three articles of a diverse nature—the suspicious and secretive dealings of the Bilderberg group; the ongoing controversial US drone attacks in other countries; and the “natural born citizen” controversy regarding Barak Obama, which had been raised before—in regard to Mitt Romney’s father, presidential candidate George Romney, who was born in Mexico.

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