This Week in the News

We begin with an interesting analysis pertaining to Germany’s current leadership role in Europe, and raise the question whether Germany and Europe are repeating the mistakes of the 1930s. We are already beginning to see potentially frightening developments, which might limit the liberties and freedoms of European citizens, while the Eurozone looks at Germany as their savior and is willing to accept enhanced European (and thereby less national) governance and political EU unification.

At the same time, Germans are becoming disillusioned with President Obama and America, and this is even true, to an extent, for some Jewish voters in the USA.

Turning our attention to the Middle East, we are reporting about the desire of an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood candidate to take over Jerusalem and declare it to be the capital of Egypt, and we report on Russia’s shameful conduct regarding Syria. But while accusations fly between Russia and the USA over weapon deliveries to Syria and other Middle Eastern countries, it appears that neither Russia nor the USA could claim righteousness in the matter.

We conclude with several articles on Russia’s development towards a totalitarian and oppressive police state under Vladimir Putin, while certain Asian nations, including Russia and China, are moving closer together in defiance of European desires and preferences.

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