This Week in the News

We begin with the ongoing controversy over the Obama Administration’s unilateral political move to change Immigration Law—thereby circumventing Congress and reversing its prior position that such a move would be illegal. At the same time, Obama’s challengers shrink away from stating a clear position on their own; and we stress the fact that America’s current Immigration Law (and the execution of the same) is terribly inhumane and in desperate need of revision.

We report on the ongoing investigation of the “Fast and Furious” Scandal and its explosive developments. 

We continue showing that America’s big brother is watching his citizens via drones, which are capable of armed attacks; and that Britain’s prestigious economic institutions are swallowed up by foreign powers, including China, while Britain is facing another recession in the light of “devastating” data.

Focusing on the Greek elections, it has become clear that the institution of the euro has been saved, but it is far from certain whether this will help Greece. And while the world envies and hates German prosperity, they are turning to Germany for help, as the only country which is perceived to be able to “fix” and save the European economy.

The terrible situation in Syria continues, with just about every major and not-so-major power getting involved there militarily, through proxies, and Russia’s announcement that they are willing to send warships to Syria should wake everybody up.

The Arab Spring was destined to failure from the start, and the situation in Egypt has become one of utter disgrace, prompting Israel to go on high alert. At the same time, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince died, creating even more uncertainties and challenges in the Middle East.

We conclude with revealing excerpts from a lengthy German article about Pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican and the Curia, showing the intrigue and corruption within the Catholic Church and a pope who seems to be powerless and in a state of deep sadness, if not depression, while influential forces are preparing for his successor.

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