This Week in the News

The terrible weather conditions in large parts of the US bring back frightening memories of droughts in 1988 or even the 1930’s, and bring into focus biblical warnings that our soil will ultimately become like iron, due to our disobedience of God and His laws. Severe weather conditions could also be seen in the UK and around the world. The Bible also prophesies that animals, in one way or another, will be responsible for the deaths of many people, and that sicknesses will increase, and we are already seeing the beginning of the fulfillment of these prophecies.

Germany will not return to the deutschmark nor give up the euro, and Angela Merkel’s popularity in Germany is higher than ever. At the same time, Germany finds itself under national and international attack because of its abominable final decision of the court of appeals in Cologne, declaring circumcision of babies or young boys to be a crime. Sadly, many Germans welcome the decision. They seem to have forgotten that in the past, the persecution of unpopular religious minorities in Germany led to Hitler’s Holocaust.

Focusing on Barack Obama’s ongoing troubles, allegations are being made that he has been using a fraudulent social security number, as reported by WorldNetDaily and the Drudge Report; frightening prospects and adverse consequences of his health care law may adversely affect most taxpayers in 2014, as reported by the Associated Press; and the way in which the US government is usurping more and more powers and thereby limiting the individual liberties and freedoms of US citizens, as reported by MSNBC, should wake everybody up. Sadly, most Americans don’t seem to know or care what is really going on—until it will be too late. And so, it is true that before we will be destroyed from the outside, we will have already begun to destroy ourselves from the inside.

We conclude with several articles pertaining to the developments in the Middle East.

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