This Week in the News

We begin reporting on frightening and somewhat disgusting events and developments in the United States—the once prosperous Christian land of the brave and the free—warning of the real threat of a new great depression threatening our very survival; the ongoing usurpation of powers by the Obama Administration, leading to less and less liberties and freedoms of the American people; President Obama’s controversial public revelations as to his visions of a future America; and Mitt Romney’s ongoing problems with incorrect statements pertaining to the Bain debacle. All of this shows the horrible state of affairs this country is in, which was once blessed by God for the unconditional obedience of Abraham, but which is now laboring under a curse due to its departure from God and His Law.

We continue with interesting developments in Germany. Could the fact that Germany is suffering from unparalleled droughts and mice plagues have anything to do with its lifestyle and wrong ideas—such as its controversial unbiblical court decision to label circumcision as a crime, which has been supported by most Germans?  German politicians begin to realize the irreparable international damage this whole matter has brought upon German reputation, and are struggling to mitigate it, but even if they were able to enact a law allowing circumcision of young boys, the fact that most Germans are opposed to it will have further negative consequences for the country in the long run.

Addressing European hypocrisy, we report on the European Commission’s position that a country which wants to become a EU member must support gay rights, while there seems to be much less concern for protection of religious minorities in Europe. This fact is highlighted by the European Commission’s announcement that the EU won’t get involved in Germany’s circumcision debacle, as this is a “national issue.”

We are pointing out a new possible controversy between France and England, pertaining to the British Crown Jewels; quote an interesting comment by the Pope; address the escalation of fighting in Syria and America’s dubious and inconsistent role, which is apparently merely dictated by selfish political considerations; and conclude with developments in Russia, showing desires to reinstate a dictatorship as it was known under Stalin and Lenin.

Surely, Satan IS the god of this world…

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