This Week in the News

We begin reporting on the terrible drought plaguing the United States, and continue with predictable developments in Russia—showing the ongoing and increasingly totalitarian dictatorship of former KGB spy Vladimir Putin; his support from the Russian Orthodox Church and even the Federation of Jewish communities; and the European willful indifference and tolerance of his actions—even though most recent internationally condemned Russian conduct may put a strain on European-Russian relations. We also include reports on developments within the Roman Catholic Church.

We continue reporting on the “hypocritical action” of the Ecuadorian government in granting political asylum to WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange, and the “absurd” and “blundering” “retaliatory response” of the British government.

Focusing on the volatile situation in the Middle East, we report on Israel’s apparent determination to strike Iran in October; Iran’s threat against Israel and Saudi Arabia; outrageous and blasphemous anti-Semitic false accusations of a leading Saudi Arabian (Sunni) cleric; and the unbelievable fact that the (Shiite) terrorist organization Hezbollah is permitted to operate unrestrictedly in most European countries, including and especially in Germany.

We conclude with further unsettling developments pertaining to Germany’s court decision, prohibiting circumcision on religious grounds, and the confusion pertaining to circumcision in general.

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