This Week in the News

Focusing first on the USA, the economic situation is bound to deteriorate, but the government is facing additional international problems as well. While Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner suggests that “Congress should stop placing legal limits on the amount of money the government can borrow and effectively lift the debt limit to infinity,” Franklin Graham states that the USA is facing numerous problems because we have turned our backs on God. This is clearly the case; the Obama administration seems to be stumbling from one problem to another, and it seems that the USA is about to give up one of the last sea gates still in their possession.

The UK is struggling with their own problems—not the least of which is their ongoing persecution of small religious organizations.

The state of Israel does not seem to fare much better, facing condemnation from just about every side and outright wars on several fronts. The surprise announcement that Germany wants to strengthen its strategic ties with the Arab League should cause everybody to pause and think. At the same time, even though Angela Merkel is still the most popular German politician in Germany, her government is not liked. At this point, no real challenger seems to be in place, but this can change quickly.

We conclude with articles about the financial curse of Christmas, and the real dangers of solar storms.

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