This Week in the News

We begin with the ongoing troublesome situation in Egypt and the naïve and shortsighted politics of the USA which has been supporting the radical Muslim Brotherhood, while still providing Egypt’s powerful army with weapons. The shocking report of the Muslim Brotherhood’s current torture methods is a terrible indictment against America’s claim of supporting the suppressed. At the same time, the California Supreme Court will be hearing a legal case challenging Barak Obama’s eligibility as President, while leading American politicians are accused of playing “Russian Roulette.” We also relate a shocking report regarding “invisible soldiers.”

Turning to Germany, we are citing from the German press which is now becoming openly critical of Egypt’s return to dictatorship, while stating that neither the government nor the opposition are correct or competent. We are also reporting on the upcoming political battle and fight for the German chancellorship and introducing you to Angela Merkel’s challenger, Peer Steinbrück. Further, the German Parliament legalized circumcision of young boys, but the new law does not annul the negative viewpoint of most Germans on the issue.

While the EU is in the process of taking over Cyprus, frightening reports are being received from Italy, indicating that highly controversial Silvio Berlusconi is contemplating running for the office of Prime Minister, after Mario Monti announced that he will resign. What is even more disturbing is the possibility that the Italian people might actually vote for Berlusconi. Even though present polls suggest that only 20 % of Italians would vote for Berlusconi, it is also speculated that these figures might dramatically change until the new election.

We continue with talking about Europe’s deafening and hypocritical silence regarding Hamas’ declared goal to destroy the state of Israel, while condemning Israel for its settlement policy; report on the wish of the British people to leave the EU and on Britain’s “descent into godlessness”; speak about the discovery of a previously unrecognized asteroid which came dangerously close to earth; and conclude with several articles on Hanukkah and Christmas celebrations, which have become quite similar in recent times.

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