This Week in the News

We are beginning with the embarrassing, confusing and contradictory reporting of the media on the fiscal cliff—first, there was a deal, then there was none, then there might have been one after all… and on and on it went. Finally, a “deal” was agreed to by the Senate and the House, but the problems are far from over. We are presenting just a few excerpts of the convoluted mess and the still looming nightmare, showing America’s inability to govern itself. In any event, it became obvious that regardless of the deal, the Obamacare regulations—highly praised by the left and liberals—are going to prove disastrous for those who need health-care assistance the most.

We are focusing on governmental laws and regulations in the USA which are—in the opinion of some—dangerous and unworthy of America, and continue with a warning that the leadership role of America will be taken away from it, as it was previously taken away from Great Britain.

In other news, we are reporting on Germany’s correct view on the survival of the euro, even though some feel that there is still trouble ahead for the Eurozone; and we conclude with CNN moderator Piers Morgan’s flawed understanding of the Bible and the rise of interreligious marriages among Muslims, Jews and Christians.

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