This Week in the News

We begin with ongoing troublesome developments regarding Obamacare and the American healthcare system, which will, without doubt, contribute to America’s economic downfall; address again the issue of Marijuana and bring you telling reports from some of our readers about the dangers of this addictive drug; continue with further health-concerns regarding mislabeled or contaminated food and controversial actions by the NRA; pose the question as to the real murderers of John F. Kennedy; and point out that our meddling with the Mississippi River might only increase frightening problems and concerns.

Turning to Europe, we report on the ongoing controversy between the EU and Britain, and address the decision of France to go to war with Islamists extremists in Mali, while American attempts to bring peace to that country have failed miserably. Germany was quick to support France, but might get involved in an unpredictable and lengthy endeavor. Most recent events in Algeria might confirm this concern. While Europe’s fight with Islamists will continue, its ongoing “fight” against Jews should not be overlooked.

We conclude with articles on superstition in India and Greece, and a report on the fate of ancient Shiloh, the spiritual capital of the house of Israel.

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